Festivals and commercials

1 Jul

Every year loads of commercial advertised from newspaper and magazine; broadcasted from television; posted on shop window remind me it is time to celebrate Christmas, it is time to celebrate Chinese new year; it is time to celebrate Mother’s day every year……. ,so it is not necessary to bear in mind that when will those festival come.

 Father’s day falls on the 3th Sunday in June each year and passed around two weeks ago, I believe most households in the world will celebrate it. It is no exception for my family. We will celebrate it by having a dinner at restaurant every times as same as many Hong Kong households. It is common to make a reservation to have the dinner around one month advance, otherwise, either it may be fully booked or we need to wait for a long time if we walk-in to a restaurant. Somehow, having dinner in such festival is symbolized as reunion of family for Hong Kong people. In that day, many restaurants will limit customers to choose array of relatively expensive set menu contained kinds of great ingredients, such as abalone, shark’s fin and fish maw, which is special for that festival. Generally, a set menu for four to five people costs at least one thousand Hong Kong dollars. Although it is quite expensive, many households don’t mind. What’s more! Some luxury shops will promote or package their products by using different slogans and activities being related to Father’s day.  

 Actually, all festival celebrations are becoming more and more commercialized. With various promotions are blasted from different media for array of festivals, it seems to keep nagging audience to buy this, to buy that. As a result, people take it for granted and is inevitable to buy those promoted product as a gift for celebration. To a certain extent, although the origin meaning doesn’t erase, the consumer culture dominate each festival that people express their love to someone by giving some symbolic products or luxury, such as accessory and rose for valentine’s day; new fashion for Chinese new year, automatic massage chair for Mother’s day and Father’s day, a glamour dinner for Christmas etc.

 Businessmen tie various products to different festival to grow their revenue, but it makes the atmosphere of festival better and reminds people it is a season of giving for their lover, family, friend and even someone in need in the festival. Please do not forget the meaning of festival itself behind the commercialization of festival and variety of symbolic formulation.

Eddie, Chow Ho Chuen

[Word count: 424]


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