Busking in Stanley

2 Jul

3 years, right, I have been busking in Stanley for 3 years, especially, in last summer.  So what happened after last summer? I broke my guitar because of my bad feeling. Seriously, it was the excuse for me to buy a new guitar. As a result, I brought my new guitar to Stanley for busking. The first time I went to busking in Stanley there were just 3 member, of course including me. I still remember we earn more than $200 by the listener. Such a result, we considered went to busking once a week. However, we realized that not everyone willing to give money to us, people just went away after listened song. Fortunately, there was a man who invited us to perform in his bar, which call Sunny Bar and now we have 4 member to busking.

I love Stanley because there make me feel good. Oh, have you guy ever hear a song call ‘Won’t even start’? It performed by David Choi  and I rewrite the song from English to Cantonese. I performed this song in Sunny Bar and all of the audiences were love this song, even my member, they already forgot the original version but remember my version. It was quite interesting because your song suddenly being famous in Stanley. It was glad to us that there were audiences who appreciated ours. First time performed in the bar they paid us $500, but we refused. We thought that’s not our aim, therefore we had a deal with them which provided us 1-2 sets beer and we will perform lots of song to them. Up to now, we have fans in Stanley and we being fans from friends. Moreover, something we went to Sunny Bar before, we went to the beach to busking. It was very cool because everybody would stand in front of us and listen our song. I didn’t know it was good or not exactly, every time we song at the beach we just attracted a lot of baby girls and they always danced with us.

Drinking a cold beer and watching the sea in Stanley alone that was really relax for me. When you face to the sea and felt the sea breeze, your pressure seem disappeared and made you feeling well. If using one sentence to express my feeling, I would say ‘c’est la vie’ that mean ‘that’s life’ in English. Stanley seems like my second place where provide me many happiness and let me relax.
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Tse Yu Hon Stephen


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