Hollywood Movie Production

2 Jul

Every time I asked my friends on review of the Pirates of the Caribbean (2011), the answer usually is not too much difference before the series. Although the plot or special effects is similar comparing with before, this film is still substantial box-office. Thus that, Hollywood film production has its own set of tactics to attract viewers, however it cannot conceal they are boring, and began the trend towards uniformity.

I do not comment The Pirates since I have not seen it, but the situation is almost similar in every film produced by Hollwood, generally to say, Hollywood film have these following problems: Homogeneity, Formulation and Predictability. Although it is still able to retain a certain number of viewers, the stagnation of development has forced on screenland, there is no break at all.

It is not hard to find every Hollywood film are similar, Giles Jacob, the director of festival de cannes, had said, “US will not want to export their film only, but also their life of style.”(source: http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/rdvonch/2009/07/06/heroic-hollywood-thinking-inside-the-box/) The movie is full of U.S. style, almost promote American-Chauvinism talking about War and Science fiction, audience are influenced easily. And often capture sequel of the popular movie in the past to protect the previous box-office, The Green Hornet(2010) and The Green Lantern(2011) are comic and was later adapted into a movie, the comic itself has been the support into movies that can already catch basic part of the audiences. Therfore, Hollywood fillm are homogenize that only repeating the same genre, such as martial arts or adventure, but actually it is nothing new be made.

The most boring is the standard formula with Hollywood style. Both of characters good is good, evil is evil, audiences can identify the wicked role easily. while the closing must is happy ending, the hero save the world and get full success. This type of ending is too fantasy, nearly will not exist in reality, but this is exactly the audiences’ need to counter the daily life of the dissatisfaction of the psychological.

Under this inherent formula, Hollywood film can control audiences’ emotions, at the same time audience also able to predict, and once jumped out of the audience’s expectations, such as the protagonist is dead, the film is usually not successful, because it is not audience want to see things. In this trend nowadays, to produce a film not to serve the public, is rare in the market.

(For more on Heroic Hollywood: Thinking Inside the Box, refer to Russ Dvonch [2009], http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/rdvonch/2009/07/06/heroic-hollywood-thinking-inside-the-box/)

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Yvonne Leung


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