Looks Great VS. Looks Slim

2 Jul

Recently, one of my closest girl friend is back from Vancouver, who has finished her study in college. We met for lunch right after the day she arrives. It was so exciting for the two of us seeing each other; a big hug is a must.

While sitting for the meal, she told me an interesting thing, “last night, my family gathered for dinner to celebrate my return, which is so heartwarming and happy to see each one of them.” She said. “Yet, everyone came up to me with the same dialog; “it’s so good to see you homed, Jennifer! By the way, you seem have gained much weight after being in Vancouver.” I laughed and nodded my head hardly. I cannot agree more with that!! It looks like she does gain more than 10lbs after leaving for study! Then she continued, “In Vancouver, we greet our friends by saying “Hey, you look great!” or “It’s good to see you, how have you been?” It is so strange for Hong Kong people to greet their friends, even families to go straight ahead to someone’s body figure.”

Are Hong Kong people that sensitive towards our body? Are we rather to be look slim than look good? Nowadays, no doubt that we are surrounded by different beauty and slimming ideology. As time being, beauty has been standardized; where women are then being categorized according to their body figure. Women in our city try so hard to pursue a perfection, or nearly perfection numbers: 36/24/36. Our society does help us to achieve these figures; by selling skinny clothing, body shaping treatments and low-fat ice creams.

As a self-reflection, I am one of those calories fighters. I always care about my body shape, and “monitor” my weight by stepping on the scale at home every single day. When I shop around in the supermarket, I would read the nutrition label very attentively, make sure I would not get too much calories from food. Ultimately, I do believe having a skinny body makes me feel attractive, charming, and confident. If today I get a pair of jeans with the waist measurement of 25, tomorrow, I am going to have a 24.

We had a wonderful moment with those delicious Japanese dishes. After finishing a set of deep fried pork in Japanese style with rice, Jennifer asked for the menu again and started looking at desserts. “I am going to have a green tea ice cream, what about you?” I said, “No, I am fine. Have yourself.” Jennifer then took a deep breathe, and said, “Look great is better than look slim my friend. Let’s eat!!” she get that right, so make the order in double please!

Leong Yu Chi, Johanna (a.k.a. GAY)
Word Count: 452


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