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3 Jul

My summer vacation finally came and was ready to start, after finished this semester of my school life. It is a good chance to do something what I can equip my knowledge in this long vacation. In the last weekend, I hang around in the bookshop, and I saw that there is a book which is named “Forty Tales from the Afterlives” and it is one of the books shown in top 10 literary and book list. Therefore, I bought this book and start to read it.

This book is written by an imaginative writer who is a young scientist- David Eaglemen. There are forty different stories in the book and those stories are talking about the amazing life and the environment after the human dead. The coverage of the book using simple style, you can see it below. It is very plain, only colored in gray and almost nothing on the cover. It is worthiness for read, although this book without are attractable coverage.

The most interest part of those fantasy stories is the writer described in detail how the daily life of the human dead. Also, you can recognize something new about your life after you read this book. The writer using flashback method to described what happen about a protagonist in the afterlife in one of the stories. The afterlife likes repeating and rewinding the protagonist his life again. However, everything in the afterlife, the protagonist should do it in order, for example using 200 days to take shower, one year for reading, six month to watch television etc.

(There are some iconographies of the book, and those pictures are consistence with the story which the writer wants to introduce the situation of the afterlife to the reader.)

Five famous authors included Philip Pullman, Brian Eno, Brian Greene, Alan Lightman and Alexander McCall Smith who highly recommend reading this book. Philip Pullman commended that it is a great book with a new concept about the perspective of human life, it is using a dispassionate style to talk about ethic and the idea of those stories he never think about; the other author Alan Lightman commended that this a creativity book which provided a new perspective to think about our life and the environment of the world. Moreover, a radio caster of broadcasting station also commended that this book can provided a new prospective to people to think of their life through understanding about those fantasy stories. Therefore, this book can recommend to everyone worthiness for read.

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TszKin Loong (Steph)


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