Enjoyment with friends during dinner

3 Jul

Last Saturday, my best friends decided to have dinner for my birthday celebration at a restaurant, House of Beijing, which is under Maxim’s Group. Since we had made the reservation before, we expected that we would walk in there to have dinner immediately. However, the staff said she could not arrange the table for us at that moment. After the negotiation with the staff, she finally arranged the table for us but not in the origin restaurant we booked. She arranged us to take a seat at the next restaurant, Chiuchow Garden Restaurant, which is also belonged to Maxim’s Group.

The huge crystal ceiling lamp

When I walked in the restaurant, I was very surprised as there was grand and elegant but it didn’t look like a Chinese restaurant. Although Maxim’s Chinese cuisine is serving Chinese food, most of its restaurants are well-designed and in modern decoration. It merged the old-fashioned Chinese decoration and elements into the modern western design to make the restaurant in grand style. For example, there’s a huge crystal ceiling lamp in the middle of the restaurant. The eating utensils weren’t like the traditional one. All settings in the restaurant are lost the unique Chinese styles such as dragon, phoenix and carving.

 Since two restaurants are belonged to the same corporation, we could order dishes serving in both restaurants. We ordered some dishes but we found that they aren’t the authentic Beijing cuisine or Chiuchow cuisine. They’re just some mixed Chinese cuisine such as Canton cuisine and Shanghai cuisine. Nowadays, it is hard to taste the authentic specific Chinese cuisine in Hong Kong restaurants especially the restaurants of corporation. The authentic flavour maybe not suitable forHong Kong people at all. Also, the price of those dishes we ordered was reasonable. Therefore, it is impossible for ordinary people to afford the costly price of authentic cuisine.

In fact, we did not only have the food, but also did enjoy the time we sharing. No matter what food we having and its authenticity, the most important thing is about the attendance of friends. We not only paid for the dishes in that meal, but also paid for a comfortable environment for a nice chat among friends and the happiness we experienced. We consumed food as a way for updating the status of each other because it is hard to meet each other at the same time in usual days. Dining is inseparable part of our daily life. Meanwhile, dining together becomes inseparable from our meetings.

one of order dishes

The modern utensil

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Ho Cheuk Yu, Windy

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