Slim Beauty?

3 Jul

When I walked back home after work, I travel by the MTR and stuck in front of a huge advertisement on an MTR light box. It shows the famous TVB female’s artist, Linda Chung. She is the current celebrity endorser of Slim Beauty in the new version of commercial for slimming service. Linda wore the bikini and posed sexily showing her beautiful skin and slim body shape. “She is pretty”, what I think immediately.

Her pose was a typical feminine pose, that may not actually relate to her slimness and beauty.  Imagine, why cannot she poses as a factory worker?  Just to ensure she wear little, we can still see her slim body.  The question is therefore why female characters are stereotyped in our society? As Strinati mentions in her paper, “As Baehr comments: ‘from its very beginnings the Women’s movement has responded critically, often angrily, to what it has rather loosely called “sexism in the media”. Advertisements were an obvious first target.  Betty Friedan devoted a large part of the Feminine Mystique to a content analysis of women’s magazines and to a critique of advertising and market techniques’.”(Strinati, 2001, 184) It have critically thinking about the relationship between women image and media. Media have an irreplaceable status to build up the female image nowadays.  Also, it mentions more about that “ As Dyer notes: ” analysis of ads suggests that gender is routinely portrayed according to traditional cultural stereotypes: women are shown as very feminine, as ’sex object’ “ …and men in situations of authority and dominance over women’. (Strinati, 2001, 185)

As a male, I was looking at the advertisement which it draws my focus to her look and body shape immediately. She become a “sex object”. At the same time, I think the advertiser achieve his goal, to promote the idea of “perfect women” and encourage other women to consume their courses to meet this goal.

No matter their appearance, women have been treating as sex objects which have been gazed by male. Other stereotypes created by the media such as Homewife, homemaker and superior by males. I found this situation magazine covers, which show the two famous female artist in Hong Kong – Brigitte Lin and Cathy Chui.

Lin is a famous actor in the 1980s and she was married to a tycoon. The Magazine reported that she had received a gift from her husband for their 20 years’ anniversary. .

Similarly, Chui had married to the son of one of the richest man in Hong Kong, and she gave birth to a son and received a huge amount of money as gift from her husband. These magazines promote the “home” and “inferior” image of woman and the superiority of the males.  The females were depicted as happy because they are married to wealthy husbands.  They received love, that are represented by materials, from males.

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Howard, Lam Siu Ho


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