Time to take a break – Trip to Cheung Chau

3 Jul

After finished papers and presentation in school last week, my summer vacation finally came and was ready to be started. What is the greatest action to unwrap this long holiday? A nice trip is undoubtedly a best choice to get the party started! Last weekend, I went to Cheung Chau with my best friends for celebrating one’s birthday.

Cheung Chau is a special and valuable place within the territory of ‘concrete city’. A few days journey to this off-shore island is suitable for all Hong Kong citizens and tourists. What’s the attractiveness of Cheung Chau? It must be its combination of fresh air, delicious food and delightful friendliness, plus, its reasonable prices of eating and camping.

It is a common practice for all Hong Kongers to plan their trip with references through guidebooks and internet, and, of course including us. My friends and I had read some guidebooks for local short tour to Cheung Chau in bookstores for brainstorming and getting a draft plan. A question came up in my mind: How those shops or eateries shown in the travel guides are selected to be introduced? I remember my dad once told me that his friend, whose a restaurant owner in Macau, said he had to pay for being placed in the guidebook. How can it be so commercial for promoting the attractiveness of a country or a place? Why can’t simply introduce the most famous and attractive tourist spots to consumers without collecting “introduction fee”? Yet, travelling guidebooks have certain authority for us to follow their recommendations and visit their suggested spots. Since Cheung Chau is famous for its historical heritages, it is nice to explore the local history and traditional Chinese legends. We went to the famous Cheung Po Tsai Cave (aka Pirate Cave) located at the far western tip of the island. The mysterious cave is the hiding place of a pirate in the 19th century. We all dropped by the cave and it is fun to have a fake ‘treasure hunt’, and enjoyed the excellent view of the coastline too. Besides, we took a refreshing walk along the Tung Wan Beach with spectacular sea views. I took many photos in order to keep the memorable picture.

Tung Wan Beach

Of course, eating is our main mission in Cheung Chau! With preparation of researching delicious and unique foods, we ate tons of yummy food such as traditional noodles with fish balls and glutinous rice roll with mango. These dishes are chosen because they are highly recommended on Openrice, which is a local popular and authorized website of eating. For us, the new generation, comments from online websites are newer, realer and more direct when comparing to guidebooks.

Traditional noodles with fish balls
Glutinous rice roll with mango

Beautiful sceneries and tasty foods fully filled our trip, I really enjoyed an unforgettable and relaxing journey on this lovely island. Having this incredible trip to be the opening of my summer vacation, I’m pretty sure that more fantastic activities are coming soon!


Wong Tsz Wai, Anthea


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