YUI Live 2011 Hong Kong ~HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN~ concert

3 Jul

Last Sunday, I had been watched a concert at Asiaworld-Arena. YUI is a Japanese singer and songwriter. She having voice who is so beautiful, some people may say her voice is the voice of angel. It is her first overseas concert and the first station is Hong Kong. I feel shocking when I was arrived the Arena, because I can’t believe these were so many people. There are around about 7,000 seats at Asiaworld-Arena and those seats are satisfied. Hong Kong people’s mother tone is Cantonese, they usually not familiar with Japanese. I feel surprise that Hong Kong people will pay five hundred dollars to watch the show. The Organizer is mindful and they do many things to help Hong Kong audience. To help Hong Kong People, they are using the Cantonese aside.

The catalog is traditional Chinese. There are something surprised me. During the concert, suddenly have a phone call. YUI is chat with the stranger. The stranger had the loud clown voice. We all know he is Eric Kot. Eric is famous sin Hong Kong. He is a popular MC, pop singer and actor. Later on Eric Kot appear at the stage as a mystery guest. The Organizer had a good understand on Hong Kong audience taste. Eric Kot can help the concert mood be more delighting.

Her style is really different with Hong Kong Singer. Hong Kong Singer always changing clothes during the concert. The attracting customs is the part of performance in Hong Kong. YUI is only wear a causal long dress and had a simple make up. Until the end of the concert YUI didn’t change the clothes. Moreover, Hong Kong Artist will add many elements in the concert. Like the decoration of the stage, the dance performance. YUI concert didn’t have those things I mention above. The stage didn’t have any decoration. Also, YUI only stand and sit during singing. She didn’t have any dance performance. Although the concert didn’t have the special elements, it is still a good show. From my point of view, I was impressed by YUI. In YUI concert she use her music performs to touch everyone. Everyone had been intoxicated her incredible voice. Her concert made me understand music is the international language. Everyone is get in high emotion when YUI the performing “Rolling Star”. Everyone is stand up and clap hand s following the beats.

As my observation, many people can sing YUI Japanese song .The technology is helping the music to spread out. Music is easily share in the internet. People can download the music form the P2P software. They can watch the music video on the YouTube. As the result, YUI song is well known for the Hong Kong people.

IP Wing Lap (455 Words)


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