8 Jul


Do you know how much of this bag? The correct answer is HKD 380.




The design concept is based on our traditional Chinese nylon bag, which called Red, White, blue. This bag was first introduced in 60s, and sold it in lower price. The bag was attractive by people in that generation, because the quality is light, tough and durable. It was suitable for them to bring a lot of stuffs when they came back to Mainland China. In recent years, we are hardly to find that people use Red, White, blue walking on the street. Also, it is very difficult to buy in the market, because many people may think that Red, White, blue is quite old school, including me. I am not willing to spend over than hundred dollars to buy this bag. Actually, we can buy it in large size below HKD 50 in market. But why the Red, White, blue bag can sell in higher price HKD 380?


Let’s guess again, how much of this Metal Teapot? HKD 50 or HKD 100? The answer is HKD 165. This teapot was trendy in 60s-70s; I think no more store sell it now or no more people will buy it at home. No matter in the function and outlook of this metal teapot are worse than electronic teapot.




Did you hear the store called G.O.D before? Above the Red, White, blue nylon bag and Metal Teapot are selling in there.




G.O.D is a concept store established in Hong Kong. The decoration in store and the products are quiet post-modernism. They sell the product full of Asian style, culture and mixture with Western concept, including furniture, handbags and household etc. Yet, foreigner may interest on Oriental traditional stuffs and willing to buy. But this store is not my cup of tea; I did not think that the selling price in G.O.D is reasonable and it is quite expensive. I also think that the design lack of creative, because they just copied the old design and added a little bit new element into the product and re-launched in the market, Red, White, blue nylon bag is one of the example.




Otherwise, if you appreciate on Hong Kong traditional culture, you can visit G.O.D Street Culture Museum. The Museum is located in Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre in Shek Kip Mei. You can understand more Hong Kong culture from those decorations.




 (Source: http://www.god.com.hk/aboutus_home.php)


Yu Sin Yan, Natalie



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