A Trip to Ocean Park – A New Ocean Park

17 Jul

I went to Ocean Park at 6 July to celebrate my birthday. You can have a free entry chances during your birthday. Many Peoples will go to Ocean Park as the birthday activity. It is a good policy to attract the people goes to Ocean Park. When I arrived the Ocean Park, I discovered That Ocean Park have many changes. Different from past, Ocean Park is more like their main competitor Hong Kong Disneyland now.

Firstly, the entrance is become a great changes. The entrance is expanded. Then, I can see the new Aqua City area and the Symbio night show area. The Grand Aquarium, which will feature a giant 5,200 cubic meter aquarium tank, over twice the size of the park’s Atoll Reef exhibit. In front of the aquarium will be a lagoon where a daytime water fountain show will take place as well as a night spectacular effects show called Symbio that will use the world’s first 360º water screen. The Grand Aquarium is including Ocean Bubbles Tunnel, Swirl Tank, Panoramic Ocean Gallery as well as an underwater restaurant. The Symbio night show is like the Disneyland firework. The Symbio night is the finale of the day. It can leave the good impression to the tourist, just like the magical firework show of the Hong Kong Disneyland.

I know the ocean park is building the two new hotels. They are planning a 660 room three-star hotel called Ocean Hotel that will be built near the park’s entrance, a 460 room four-star hotel called Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel to be built near the Tai Shue Wan entrance and a 160 room five-star Summit Hotel & Spa And the main competitor Hong Kong Disneyland has two hotel now.

The shop is set in the end of Exhibition. The guest is forced to enter the shop. Also, Ocean is like Disney design the own character. The character had become a product to sell to customer. There are many plush dolls in the shop.

Cultural Homogeneity is happened in the Ocean Park. “Culture the modern culture industry produces safe, standardized products geared to the larger demands of the capitalist economy.” “It does so by representing ‘average’ life for pure entertainment or distraction as seductively and realistically as possible” The theory can explain Ocean Park do many thing same as Hong Kong Disneyland. Because of Disneyland is successful in the world. The successful formula can copy and copy. The Ocean Park is doing the safety thing, copy the successful formula from the Disneyland.

Geoffrey IP (416 Words)


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