Amazing Grilled Chicken…

17 Jul

Hong Kong – which is a dream paradise of travelers; but many of them just remember Hong Kong is a shopping paradise, here I need to remind them; Hong Kong is also a food paradise which contains various kind of special food, such as street snack, fusion and local style food. It’s hard to be the outstanding one from those restaurants, but “Wing’s catering” did.

Wing’s catering may not be the most famous restaurant in Hong Kong, but it must be one of the usual restaurants for those who work nearby his branch store; Wing’s catering has 5 branch stores in Hong Kong which located in Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, North Point and Tuen Mun, and one in Jordan is opening soon in July. It’s hard to find a seat in lunch hour in Wing’s Catering, sitting in its wan chai branch store at lunch time, waitress are busying on take order, packing take away food.

As interview with the inaugurator of Wing’s Catering, the successful formula of his business is to sustain the quality of his specialty dish – Grilled Chicken.
He indicated that “It needs time to cook the grilled chicken, but we won’t cook it before people order it, because we need to sustain the quality of our chicken.”  In the Wan Chai branch store, I can see a word tablet state out that Wing’s Grilled Chicken could be the dominator among catering industry.

Wing’ grilled chicken attracted people all around the world to visit his store; and it is not hard to see people come to his store often. I ordered a set lunch of grilled chicken and octopus lotus rice, after around 10 minutes, my chicken rice arrived, the chicken skin was very crispy, I don’t often eat chicken skin, but i ate the whole chicken skin this time; the grilled chicken was really juicy and the i like the octopus lotus very much, it’s made of octopus and pork, and Wing gor told me that their octopus lotus was made by their chef instead of purchase by supplier, and they can sold more than one thousand grilled chicken and octopus lotus everyday; the source of grilled chicken is to prettify point of the rice and the garnish made by themselves; the set lunch included drink and only cost around 40 dollars, it might not a cheap lunch but it must be a satisfied lunch.


Even though Wing’s grilled chicken is not the best grilled chicken ever, but his grilled chicken and octopus lotus rice is one of the dishes which you need to try at least once in your life.

( 439 Words)

by Vivian Chung Yee Wing


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