Consumption of the Hong Kong Magazine, is that interfere the ethics?

17 Jul

Consumption of the Hong Kong Magazine, is that interfere the ethics?
(Divorce of Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung)

From end of June, Hong Kong magazines were publishing one news. It is the “Divorce of Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung”. Although, they are still couples, the magazines are very concentrated on it. It is nearly every magazines also reported this news. Until now, everyweek is also having magazines publishing their news.

Let’s talk about the ‘Cultural Homogenity’. It means the cultre industry ensure their products be safe and valuable, they will standardized prodcuts to fulfill the consumers. In the case of “Divorce of Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung”, we can see that the Hong Kong magazine industries are affecting by the ‘Cultural Homogenity’. When the news are publishing out, every magazines report this case. It is because both of them are artists. Most of the consumers are willing to know the processes of case. The publishers ensure this case can attract a lot of audiences, fans or consumers to buy the magazines. That means they can earn profit from this case. So, they will report the process of the case continuously. Until the other news, these are more attractive than this case. However, there may not all of the consumers want to know this case. The standardizated products are narrowing the choice to the consumers.

In the “Divorce of Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung” case, we can see the ‘Predictability’. ‘Predictability’means the processes or stories are predictable. Like the case “Divorce of Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung”, the magazines will be report the predictable story. For example, the publishers will make a lot of reasons to explain why their relationship are going worse. Then, they will make the news that Nicholas and Cecilia are avioding to see each other. The publishers will create some news like their friends or family will come out and give some their current situation. Nowadays, the publishers may also misrepresent the parties’ sentences meaning from the new media like facebook or twitter.

However, how many are truth report? I believe that there are less than half percentage of the news are truth. The magazines are creating the news or ‘stories’ to attract the consumers. It is becuase these can help them to have a good sales volume. By the way, there are not just one period, until now there are already reporting this case a month. Some of the consumers are already lost their interest on it.

As we know the media is the public sphere. It is used for monitoring the governement policies and spreading the public opinions. Nowadays, the media is captured by the capitalism. They are focusing on earning profit from the media. The media will use differet methods to get their information. This problem is not just happening in Hong Kong, also in different place like UK, ‘Wiretapping of News of The World’. I think all the media industries, not just magazines, also need to re-exmaine their ethic.


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Kam Ho Yin, Billy
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