Hong Kong Wetland Park

17 Jul

Last Saturday (9 July) was a sunny day; I went to Hong Kong Wetland Park with my friends. This is my first time to go there, and I heard that many photographers like to take photos with birds and plants in the park.


Hong Kong Wetland Park is in Tin Shui Wai, started at 2006; it is five year-old now. We went there by MTR. But it is not a free park; for entrance, we need to buy a ticket. (Adult: $30; child, student and elderly: $15; child (below 3): free). We spent half day to finish the “mission”.


In the Wetland Park area, at first we saw the Ticket Office, then walking around 3 mins is the Visitor Centre, and only that 2 places have air-conditioners. Inside the Visitor Centre, we found that it included five galleries to show us the function and value of wetland. After that are the Pui Pui’s Home, Weland Discovery Centre, Riverside Hide, Mangrove Boardwalk and so on.


For the outdoor part, I like the Mangrove Boardwalk so much. It is because we can close up to see mudskippers and fiddler crabs without water (because of ebb). On the boardwalk, we can see them clearly; and after saw them I known they how to move, when mudskippers move, they will jump, but not very high, it is quite funny; and found that mudskippers and fiddler crabs both are good at digging burrows. And that was my first time to walk on boardwalk; the feeling was quite special, I can’t use my words to describe.


After visiting Wetland Park, not only gain the knowledge about wetland, but also have the idea that we need to start to protect the environment urgently and stop hurting the nature.

On the other hand, I found that the setting of park is similar with shopping mall, both are wants the visitors stay longer to consume, but one is through their time, another is money.


They both have large areas to display or present their products with different kind of categories to let people stay longer; so it can enhance their opportunities for consumption. For the park, the government used 61-hectare to build the Wetland Park, it separated indoor and outdoor sections, which sections have different things to show to visitors. For the shopping mall, the developer built it very high, it includes different kinds of brands and products for consumers choose.

The park and shopping mall also like to use some well-known brand name to attract people. For the park, they prefer to use some special displays, games to attract people attention, such as Pui Pui’s Home – the first station of outdoor section. Pui Pui is a female crocodile, and first found in Hong Kong on 2003. She is very popular and many Hong Kong people concerned about her very much. It can attract people come to the park to see her. Also it provides some games like Wetland Memorial Seal, to attract and encourage visitors, especially children to walk around the whole park.

Shopping mall like the urban jungle, it includes many different kinds of shops, they usually through the lighting, window decorations and even the brand name to attract people to consume something.


In my opinion, the setting of the park and shopping mall are the same, but their aim may have little different, one is more educational, another is consumption only.






Yeung Man Yee, Alice

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