Let the paper plane fly – The new politic culture in HK

17 Jul

The new political party People Power has surrounded the Legislative Council building from 13 to 15 of July. Continuing the 7.1 march, the protest was still against the government’s proposal that by-elections be scrapped. Although the government decided last week postponed a vote on the by-election bill in Legislative Council, and the government finally promised to have first consult to the public. The People Power called the public consultation a delaying tactic and vowed to go ahead with the demonstration.

As my concern, I found the there was really including the new tactic and elements in the demonstration. Before the demonstration, the People Power divulged their plan of flying the paper plane. It created different a video to promote and mobilize people to make their paper plan, and the video was spread in the Facebook and Twitter to the people who are concern the issue.

After the first day of demonstration, I also found the participator used the activity photos to mix the song of “I believe I can fly”. The participator’s action, I could use the fandom to define his behavior. The participator used his own experience to expansion and refocalization the story. He used his personal experience to create the new from and perspective in the issue. In the beginning he might anger to the government policy, but at the end he personalizes and inserts his favorite in the story by his definition.

Recent years, the new media is a new and important platform of the Hong Kong environment. The tools of demonstration become more and more diversity. So we can explain the political issues can attract more young people so call “Post-80s” to join and create different new forms of media image. And if we compare with the tradition protest, it also becomes lesser attention in the mainstream media. The effective of protest is also determined by creativity. At the 15 of July, we can also find hundreds of demonstrators have been staging a protest around the Legislative Council building, but the mainstream media has just reported the People Power members bombarded the Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, with paper planes when he arrived, because the media also wants to catch the juicy news to attract audience.

At the end, it is also the Legislative Council has held its final meeting in this building. It will move to the new Tamar building in September. Is that any symbolic meaning of Hong Kong political in the future?

People Power promotion “Paper plan”: http://youtu.be/bhJQ6RiAqlU
Participator’s work “I believe I can fly” http://youtu.be/DZ-g1s-GoKc

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Anthony, So Ho


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