On-line Chatting

17 Jul

On-line chatting is a common trend causing concern and worry among young people now. It is widely believed that teenagers are spending too much time on online chatting, resulting in arguments with parents; unhealthy lifestyle due to the various types of disorder.

online chatting

Online chatting is fast becoming a popular communication channel among young people. With one simple click of the mouse, they are instantly connected with a circle of friends from half way around the globe. However, it is the bright side of online chatting that is highlighted, whereas its dangerous consequences are hardly a cause for concern. They may fail to see the potential risks of engaging themselves in conversations with someone they know absolutely nothing about. In more extreme situations, some have become indulgent and some even become acquainted with undesirable elements and become crime victims.

In my opinion, chatting online with friends and relatives can be very relaxing and joyful. However, spending too much time to chat online brings plenty of problems such as: poor relationship with family and schoolwork, poor health conditions and disorders, etc.

I have some advice to teenagers to solve the problem.

* Better time management

Obviously, spending lesser time on chatting online may simply improve the problem. 1-2hours each day is acceptable. Getting addictive to anything could be harmful. We should also strike a balance between study and chatting online; in addition, always try to spend more time with family.

* Let your parents know what you are doing while you’re getting online

Communication is important; always try to share your online experience with your parents. Most parents think that youngsters only use the computer for playing games and doing meaningless things. They also worry about their children meeting strangers on the internet.

* Doing more out-door activities

Being active and hanging out with friends instead of staring at the computer screens helps maintain friendship and develop normal social skills. Out-door activities are also good (or better) for to our health.

* Beware of the strangers on the internet

We should always take precautions on talking with strangers, especially those who on internet. People can easily tell lies through the internet. We must not trust them easily. Never disclose our personal information to someone we don’t really know.

* Correct Posture when using computer

Make your seat comfortable and adjustable. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on buying a chair. Look for something comfortable which allows you to adjust the height, backrest, and armrests to suit your body type. Those minor details are not supposed to be underestimating; because incorrect posture can bring long term side effects.

Chan Chin Pong (437 words)


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