Postmodern film – “Ashes of Time”

17 Jul

Recently I bought an old DVD  which call “Ashes of Time”. It was is a 1994s Hong Kong Martial arts film, written and directed by Wong Kar Wai. The film is talking about Ouyang Feng (Leslie Cheung) is a middle-aged swordsman living in the desert, separated from normal society. When he was a young man, full of life and vitality, his desire was to make a deep impression in the world of martial arts. He was so bent on achieving his ambition that he left his native home, the White Camel Mountain, leaving behind his girlfriend (Maggie Cheung) to chase his dream. In sheer frustration, and as a way of seeking revenge, the woman marries Ouyang’s elder brother. This marriage resulted to the desert and opens an inn. He then becomes an agent for killers, hiring young and poor swordsmen with great ambitions of becoming famous warriors to do the killing for him. However, his solitary life has the effect of generating memories from the life he left behind. In “Ashes of Time”, there were lots of time disorder which means no relationship between the scene and the next scene. The story were cut into a piece and combined to simulation and pastiche.

There was a one shoot which talking about Murong Yang (Brigitte Lin) because of schizophrenia so that unable to distinguish reality and illusion. She thought Ouyang Feng was her lover, consequently pastiche him to think was her lover, but due to the fact that when Murong Yang touched Ouyang Feng, suddenly he also pastiche Murong Yang as his lover. The frame showed Ouyang Feng’s lover who is pastiche and not present, as for Murong Yang who real and present. The use of staggered between reality and simulation lead to us loss of reality and generate the meaning of implosion. “Ashes of Time” is quite philosophic because every dialogue between man to woman or monologue had contained some meaning when you thought deeper. Simply like a feeling of suddenly realize what has happened.

I would like to say that every time when I watched this film, I had different feeling. This time I felt depress because of some dialogues, such as ” I love her, but I don’t want to let her know, because it is the best ways that you cannot possess the thing which you really want” and ” Good memory is the uttermost trouble of human”. I really agree these two dialogues because sometime we want to forget something but we cannot do it, the reason is that we always keep remember the thing  forget already or not, therefore, we cannot forget but make a deep impression in our mind.

Tse Yu Hon Stephen  443words


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