The Most Creative Corporate – Coca-Cola

29 Jul

How do you spend your time in this summer? I am currently being the summer intern in East Touch Magazine. I am probably responsible for the duties of media sales. It is really a great experience for me to learn making a good magazine which fits the taste of the young people in Hong Kong. The client of my first project in East Touch was Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola has 125 years long history. According to the mission of Coca-Cola, it strives to refresh the world, inspires moments of optimism and happiness, creates values and makes a difference. As the world is changing around us everyday, Coca-Cola has created many ideas to meet people’s needs. It understands that it is a must to follow the trends of the world to further its business; otherwise, it will be eliminated by the mass. (Source: As the trend and effect of consumerism, many corporate have decided to launch different kinds of promotion to attract more customers and increase awareness. Consumerism is the promotion of the consumer’s interests. Moreover, it is the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically desirable; it is also a preoccupation with and an inclination toward the buying of consumer goods.” (Source:

This time, Coca-Cola made something new and special! It promoted a new lucky draw game, and we need to play the game with iPhone or other Smart Phone. Nowadays, people not only consume for their basic needs, but also consume for some products or services which can improve their living quality and increase their living standard. A woman interviewed at a motor show in Beijing before, and she said that buying a car is a big step up in the society. Now, she has a car, and she feels that people look at her differently. (Source: iPhone and Smart Phone are very popular in the world now. Ten years ago, we could not imagine that the functions of a mobile phone can be as same as a computer, or even more convenient. When everybody around you is using an iPhone or Smart Phone, do you want to get one as well?  Coca-Cola deeply understands that most of the people in Hong Kong are using iPhone and Smart Phone, so they launched a lucky draw game which needs to play with that to attract people’s interest and attention. The most special feature is that the game is interacted with the mobile and television. People need innovations to develop the world and themselves. In fact, although Coca-Cola has a long history, it is a trendy and creative corporate. It always makes something unique and special. Although people may know that coke is not a healthy drink, but they still like to have it. It is not only because of the products of Coca-Cola, but also because of its good reputation. Coca-Cola always produces different tastes of coke, such as Coca-Cola Zero and Cherry Coke. Coca-Cola would like to improve itself continually in order to fits the trends and people’s taste, not only by their products, but also by the concepts of the corporate.

I think this new and unique game will be very successful to attract people’s interest and also recall their memories of drinking Coca-Cola. Hey! Let’s try to play it and win more prizes! Good luck!=)

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Martina Choi


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