Advisement and the consumer culture

31 Jul

Last week, I take the MTR went to the book affair. Unfortunately, my mp3 player is broken-down. I felt boring so starting to look around. I felt that the advisement is surrounding me. Most of the advisements is invited you to spend money. However, most of the products are not the necessary good. But, obviously, consumer would like to spend the money on the unnecessary goods more than the necessary goods.

 There are many kinds of advisement would call the people to spend money like mobile phone advisement and fashion item advisement. People who would like to meet the fashion trend would spend more money on these good.

In the MTR journey, I felt that the power of advisement is amusing. The product in the advisement seems to be have magic inside. It could attract the consumer and make them felt it is real. Some diamond advisement would boast how bliss if you get the diamond. The advisement would make the consumer believe that she will be the most bliss woman if she gets this diamond. Also, the advisement would help the product to build up its identity. Therefore, the consumer would like to consume this kind of product to show the “taste” themselves. In order to show how difference they are, the consumer would like spend lots of money on these brand name in order to build up his/her “dream identity” in the society and make the others felt that how difference they are.

 As my mp3 player is broken-down, I would concern the advisement which is about mp3 player naturally. I have looked all the advisement in the MTR; it seems that there is no mp3 player advisement at all. However, I have read a mobile phone advisement which is quite controversy. In the advisement, one mobile phone distributor appeal the consumer switches the mobile phone number. If the consumers switch the mobile phone to their company, they will give a new model mobile to the consumer. It seems that it is very attractive as you could get a new mobile while you only need to switch the other mobile company. However, there is a problem would occur. How about the old one? The consumer would flow it but it actually could be use!

This action would result the waste of resources and make the air and land pollution. It would totally destroy our environment. It would the harm effect to our world.


Erick Kwok


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