Consuming in HKBF and ACGHK

31 Jul

This week, I had been to Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) twice, because of Hong Kong Book Fair (HKBF) and Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong (ACGHK). These two events usually are the events which teenagers must go every year once, of course, including me and my friends. However, I was thinking about why going to these two exhibitions will become one of Hong Kong people habits.









I believe most of the people go to HKBF, because there are more different and cheaper books. According to my experience in Book Fair last year, there were too many people. Not only caused it difficult for you to find and read a suitable book, but also you had the limited time to choose. When you walked on the passages, it was crowd, the people in front of you would stop, and the one after you would push you. However, this year, there was not as many as I thought. It might be we went there in the morning, which only cost 10 dollars for admission fee, the passages were not crowd. The new e-book corner became a children corner, they played here. We got in the mainland section at first; my friend brought some Simplified Chinese books for interest. She told me that she found that she did not finish reading the books she brought last year, so she would not buy many books like last year. Besides, many people were not in the book stores, but in the goods stores. I am one of these people, too. People like me do not like reading, the only thing can do in HKBF is to buy the goods, such as stationery and bags. But, the only book I had brought is a reference book for my dissertation.











I had been to ACGHK on its second day, since I am not only a fan of K-pop, but also a fan of Japanese comics. From the news, we can know how attractive it is, teenagers waited outside HKCEC about 9 days, started from the first day of HKBF, and the occurrence of pseudo-models.









No matter what purposes do they have, ACGHK has already done their promotion, and it does appeal more and more people to come. As a fan, I have already prepared amount of money to buy things, which more than the budget in book fair. Although, I am not able to find the things I want, I brought something which is not related to comics but cleaning the keyboard. But I had found that many youngsters had brought the props of the comics, such as the swords, the hats and topknots.


According to my observation, I am the person who is more willing to spend on the goods rather than on books. May be my purposes to go there are to take photos and to experience the prosperous exhibition.











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Sandra Yu



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