Extraordinary dating at ACGHK

31 Jul

The general routine of dating in Hong Kong is eating, then go shopping or watching movie. It is quite boring when you keep repeating the same schedule day after day and week after week. My boyfriend and I hate to have dull and regular routine, so we like to search special and occasional events for our dating. The hottest social events in recent are definitely the Hong Kong Book Fair 2011 and the 13th Animation-Comic-Games Hong Kong (ACGHK). They are highly promoted by Hong Kong Tourism Board and categorized as consumer expo. Since we missed the chance to visit the Hong Kong Book Fair, we decided to go and have a look of the ACGHK in our last weekend.

Both of us haven’t been to ACGHK before, and we went there with a curious heart for exploring this event. In my head, ACGHK is similar to the Hong Kong Book Fair with thousands of book stalls and huge human wave, but different in the types of selling products by focusing on animations and comics. However after the visiting, I found that I was wrong and it is totally out of my imagination and expectation.

In the moment that we entered in Wan Chai MTR station, it was not a surprise to meet comic characters who were walking right beside you and queuing in front of gates, what a funny and unordinary picture! After a prolong way due to the huge stream of people, we finally arrived the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre with a large number of visitor as well as ‘comic roles’. We spent $30 for each admission ticket which associated with few coupons. I am not a comic fever so the cash discount is not attractive for me, but I have to admit that at that time my attention was caught by the game voucher and decided to visit and play in the game stalls. This kind of promotion is a successful strategy to arouse sales and encourage consumption, at least it’s work on me because originally I didn’t plan to spend a dollar in the place.

My first sight after entering the hall was a mass of different comic roles from Japanese comics as well as Western animations. They occupied nearly half of the space. People were wearing their favorite character’s custom with fabulous accessories, detailed props and make up. This kind of activity is called ‘cosplay’, which is combining the word of ‘custom’ and ‘play’. It was just a paradise for those cosplayers as they were enjoying in posing and being shot by photographers. It is interesting that not only local young generations love to have cosplay, children and foreigners are also fancy about it. In fact, this phenomenon in the venue has changed my impression of ACGHK as initially I think the event is focusing on products such as comics, animation figures and video games, and now it seems has transformed into a stage for cosplayers though it is able to increase the attractive of the event in a certain degree.

Overall I was satisfied with this extraordinary dating experience. It is great to explore something that I have never seen. But if you ask me will I go there again next year, I would answer…I prefer to enjoy a movie with my love rather than being squeezed in a crowd.

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Wong Tsz Wai, Anthea


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