31 Jul

The Kowloon City District is mainly a residential area, and there are many private sector housing such as old tenement buildings, private residential developments and low-rise villas. Though residential in nature, the district has a fair share of commercial and industrial functions. The old Kai Tak airport also located at the Kowloon City previously. There are also many kind recreational facilities, such as the Ko Shan Theatre, the Kowloon Central Library, the Kowloon Tsai Park-cum-Swimming Pool and the Ho Man Tin Leisure Centre. On the other hand, there are many international cuisine restaurants and food stall in the district, especially famous in Thai food.
Last week, I went to Kowloon City with my friends to try Thai food in a restaurant which named “Wong Chun Chun Thai restaurant”. Because my friends got a dinning coupon from its official website, we can enjoy our dinner with 30% off discount. When we arrived to the restaurant, we saw that there are many people who wait for their table. We also wait for our table and finally we got a table after a few minutes. Then we took a look the menu and ordered some dishes immediately because we both hunger at this moment. We ordered a lot of dishes, included Tom Yam Gong soup, Snack combo and Stewed Shrimp Salad as the starter, Curry Crab Fry, Fried Prawn Balls with Red Curry and Pineapple Fried Rice as a Main course, also the juice of a green coconut as our drink.
Thai food usually emphasis on prepared dishes with strong aromatic components, the dishes use colorful and a wide variety of herbs, spices and leaves, for example takhrai, khamin, saranae and blended together with various chilies to make curry paste etc. Therefore, Thai food can be quit spicy. Also, Thai food usually combines protein, such as beef, chicken, pork, duck, tofu or fresh seafood as the main ingredients. Therefore, many people like Thai food.

(The Thai Style Pudding with different flavors, include sesame, taro, peanut, mango etc.)

When we finished our starter and main course, we ordered Thai Style Pudding as our dessert. I tried a most traditional flavor, a coconut flavor one. The pudding is an incredibly simple dessert that is creamy, not too sweet and with a fresh coconut flavor. The supper is very rich on that night and we have a good experience at Wong Chun Chun restaurant to enjoy Thai food. After the dinner, Thai food becomes one of my favorite’s cuisines.

(Steph) Loong Tsz Kin


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