Yum Cha

31 Jul

Yum Cha is quite a popular family activity in Hong Kong. Similar to many other families, my family goes to Yum Cha every Sunday. It is treated as a kind of family gathering. I do deserve this opportunity to chat with family members because it is not easy to dine together, especially when we three siblings have different off hours from work.

Chinese dumplings (Shumai), steamed meatball and chicken talons are my favourite dim sum dishes. Dim sum dishes in Chinese restaurant are mainly steamed food. They are usually small and normally served as 3 or 4 pieces in one dish. While I like these kinds of small dishes that are able to try a wide variety of food, it is quite a bother to our family since we have 5 members and hence not everyone can enjoy each dish.

Other features of Chinese restaurants are round table. In Chinese restaurants, nearly all tables are round. If dining is for a group of people, I really prefer round shape of table instead of rectangle one that is found in Western restaurants. It is much easier to communicate in round table since all people can face each together. If the table is rectangle one, people in the sides can never hear from each other. Thus, the topic of conversation cannot be discussed among all people in rectangle table, people can only separate into different groups by location of seats and share their views among the divided group.

Traditionally, dim sum dishes are classified as “small”, “medium”, “large” and “special” order. I missed those days that dim sum were serving from a cart rather than today’s order sheet. While dim sum orders in the past were marked by stamping on cards; nowadays, they have been shifted to issue by computer. It is regretted that there are not many Chinese restaurants still keep the tradition of serving dim sum by carts. With advanced technology, there is no doubt that life becomes more convenient and easier to handle. Yet, interactions among people were ignored. I remembered when I was small, dim sum dishes were still served by carts. My parents told me that the sides of Malay steamed sponge cake are most tasteful and hence I demanded the side one every time when I ordered the cake. There was an aunt who was responsible for the cart of Malay steamed sponge cake, as we were the frequenter of that restaurant, she had already recognized our favor without the need of our request. How can Chinese dim sum restaurants today able to do this? Things from the past are always memorable!

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Chan Meu Kuen


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