After watching Lady La Tiger

14 Aug

Last week, I went to cultural centre to watch the show provided by PIP Theatre, named Lady La Tiger, performed by Jim Chim, Harriet Yeung and Tyson Chak. Although the producing team of PIP is undoubtedly experienced and creative. However, I think this show is not really good as the previous shows of PIP Theatre.


The style of PIP Theatre’s shows, or Jim Chim’s shows, is always a satire of updated news among Hong Kong people. There is a theme about the story and it mixed with the popular topic happening on the society, it could be political, environmental, gossip, kuso, etc. It truely happened on Lady La Tiger too, which in my view point, it’s predictable and acceptable. In the show, there are five chapters, it’s about the stages and situations of the relationship between men and women. Like in a relation, engaged,wedding, break up, divorce, etc. During the show, I can feel that the process of production is tend to care the viewpoint of women, Jim and Tyson also role play a women to show out some kind of characteristics of women, but I think I have a bit confusing that I cannot easily find out the core meaning of this show because it contains too much signals about different aspects like love, relation, life. I think it’s even fragments that different stages are not linked. There are only three performers so they need to play different roles at the same time and space. It’s difficult to entertain the audience and continue the plot. As it’s a brand new performance, some details can be noticed that it’s not well-developed, like the dialogue, story linkage, gestures, as Jim is an expert on stage performance, but he still have mistakes inside this show, seems that he is not familiar with the whole show yet, also the time arrange is not well-organised so it make some chapters over long. Simply speaking, there’s still a space of improvement.


I appreciate that Jim try different ways to represent his skills on creating the tone and manner in the show, some are success and some make me misunderstnad or do not get it. It’s hard to produce a perceptual scene and storyline that could touch women audience’s heart. But the female performer, Harriet Yeung, could show her talent on performing different female characters.


To conclude, it’s a good show that I am not only being entertained, I can also have a self-examination on the relationship, some scene are similar to my experiences, so I can learn how to love and forgive someone, also myself.


[word count: 430] Lai Kit, Nick


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