Hong Kong Memories

14 Aug

Are you interested in Hong Kong’s history? Or interested in some long history industries? I’m sure that you’ll like it if you’re interested in one of the above. 

Hong Kong is located in the South China Sea was once a small fishing village but now become a cosmopolitan city.  In addition to trade, Finance, Real Estate is today’s so-called Hong Kong economic lifeline. How many industries still here over around the centuries?

The old shop, the old master, the old tools and mode of production are not shown or displayed in a museum for collection of exhibits and collective memories. But you can still see them all over in Hong Kong.

Recently, TVB has created a new program called Hong Kong Back Then (Chinese: 香港演義). In each episode they show different topics about the history of Hong traditional old industries and its products. Actually, I am more interested in traditional stories that relate the history of Hong Kong because they tell us how Hong Kong came to be. As the saying goes, “Behind each story is a history.” No history, no us”. Every story is full of childhood memories that in the long run become a history.

In their before episode they will talk about local pickled foods. Where in a general worker comes home and eat salted fish, vegetable, a few bricks fermented bean curd, even soy sauce, a considerable family meal in the 1950s and 1960s in Hong Kong. These foods are all “made in Hong Kong” at that time.

Today, we cannot buy pound of salted fish for a few dollars as the price increases up to ninety dollars per pound and come to think of it the products are imported. Despite of Hong Kong’s growing influence from western products there are still some shops around who insist on retaining the traditional of Hong Kong made local pickled foods.

We have a traditional sauce shop in Central who produced their own soy sauce product at their sauce plant in Tin Shui Wai. Cheung Chow a shop owner processed and sells her homemade pickled salted seafood in an ancient way. Fermented bean curd, an old Hong Kong common dish are still served on own dinner table as side dishes. A more than century old bean shop in Kowloon city still keeps the original taste of Hong Kong’s bean curd flavor, though they moved their factory in the north part of the mainland a pickled mustard shop in Shek-O maintains their traditional “Hong Kong style” curing process.

“Hong Kong Book Then” shows on every Sunday at 7:00 to 7:30 pm.

You can log on TVB website, http://programme.tvb.com/lifestyle/hkbackthen/ if you want to watch or know more about “Hong Kong Book Then” information.

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Chan Shuk Yee, Staffi


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