Perfect day in Chu Hai

14 Aug

Last Saturday, I went to Chu Hai by myself because my friends were been there on Friday. When I arrived there, I was really frightened at the beginning since my phone network was out of service in Chu Hai and no one able to contact to me. Fortunately, I still remember that we would meet in the Chinese restaurant, therefore, I went to the restaurant by taxi immediately and finally met them. The past several years have been seen a dramatic change in the view of me toward China. I used to believe that China was not much better that Hong Kong, but for I went to Chu Hai, it was totally changed my mind. One particularly good example of this was the foods in Chu Hai were extremely cheap and the tastes were good. It is an undeniable fact that people going to China not just only buy something but also consuming food.

The first day when I arrived to Chu Hai, we played Go-Kart which was greatly exciting and let me enjoy the feeling of high speed. It was not expensive which took 40 dollars renmin for 10 minutes . We played for it two round and felt much tried. Further and more importantly, though, we went to Chu Hai Water-Park for fun. Unluckily, we couldn’t play any facilitates in the water-part resulting from our swimming suit were not their standard. It made us feeling down because we paid 70 dollars renmin but we not allow playing anything. After that, we went back to hotel for a rest in order to have energy for night clubbing.

Before we went to clubbing, we had a wonderful dinner with my friend’s family. We ate seafood, meat and drank a lot. I couldn’t believe that the tastes and the prices of the foods in Chu Hai were better and cheaper than Hong Kong. Therefore, traveling abroad widens our vision, enriches our knowledge and cultivates independence. After having a perfect dinner, we went to clubbing for drinks. We were not go to club for chasing some girls, we aim to be there just for chatting with each other under the place where full of music. We had chatted for a whole night, around 3:30a.m, we went to hotel for sleeping.

Next morning, we woke up at 10:00 a.m and went to massage. It was not good to massage, its made me pain. I won’t go to massage anymore in Chu Hai which killing me. Finally, we went to Hong Kong by ferry.

Tse Yu Hon Stephen

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