Pleasant attitude, pleasant consuming

14 Aug

Last week I had a gathering with my old friends at Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui. When we were just chatting and walking around in the mall before the dinner, one of my girlfriends stared at my face for a while. “What happened to your face?” she asked. Oh gosh…she had spotted my facial change!

The problem of acnes has been bothered me for a few months. I don’t know what are the reasons for this. Since my girlfriend is an expert of beauty treatment, she suggested me to buy a deep cleansing mask at LUSH.

Keeping an outstanding appearance is a life-long mission for every single woman. It is so easy for women to take out their money from their pockets and spend on fashion, cosmetics and beauty treatments. Of course I am one of those girls who are willing to spend money in order to solve my torment and get back my smooth skin on face.

My girlfriend brought me to the LUSH shop. It is my first time to visit this brand and my first sight was attracted by its racks which were full of “ice cream balls”. Meanwhile, a salesgirl with a big smile walked to our side and started to introduce their products. “These are our bath ballistics. Each of them is made of finest essential oils and natural ingredients, and its pleasant smell helps to relax your body as well as your heart.” Then she picked up one pretty pink ballistic which looks like a rose and continued, “This is called Sex Bomb. We follow and use the methods of the ancient perfumers of the Mediterranean to make this. Its oils are including Jasmine-clary sage and ylang ylang, which have the ability to relax your whole body and make you feel like a love goddess…” What an attractive and detailed promotion and I nearly fell in her sweet trap and took one of the ballistics to the cashier. Such detailed information provided by this salesgirl led me to believe in what she had told me, and her nice service made me had a desire to consume. Luckily my girlfriend came at that moment and woke me up by reminding me of my primary intention.

When we were searching for the mask, the enthusiastic salesgirl kept introducing the brand. “Our products are made from fresh, organic fruit and vegetable with quality essential oils and safe synthetics, so there’s no need to worry about any harmful and toxic ingredients.” Again, her words seemed to have magical effect because it released my anxious about the usage of harmful ingredient in skin-care products. According to the tests done by the Consumer Council, the level of heavy metals, parabens and microorganisms in some skin-care products were in compliance with the relevant standards. (source: Since the salesgirl emphasized that all the products were fresh handmade cosmetics, I paid for the cleansing mask willingly within a few minutes.

Having a good service is an important and essential element for consumption. Like Paul Parker said, “People like to feel they are buying of their own good judgment as a result of the information the salesman has given them.” (source:  Being a consumer, I feel like I have gained my knowledge in taking care of my skin when the salesgirl gave me advices, and I am happy to have this enjoyable and pleasant shopping time.

For more information about LUSH, you could visit its official website:

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Wong Tsz Wai Anthea


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