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14 Aug is the popular dining website in Hong Kong. I am one of the royal fans. is the channel for restaurants provide the information to the consumers and also the channel for consumers shares their opinions. Everyone can comment on the restaurant in the website only if they register on it. Since the developed, the reputation of the restaurants are not only built up by the professional food critic and media but also the numbers of members. People like to upload the texts and photos to share their dining experience in the website. Almost restaurant can be found in there. The restaurants are categorized into cuisine, district, price and so on. We can use the search engine to find the suitable one quickly.

I am used to searching on for preparing the gathering of friends and family. I found that the comments can really reflect the quality of the restaurant. Also, there are the detailed information including the map, telephone number, price and promotion. Therefore, I can compare the restaurants in a short time and make the phone booking immediately. This website make the dining information can be delivered to the consumer effectively. The website can reinforce the relationship between the consumers and restaurant also the consumers and consumers. can represent the consumer culture. Nowadays, consumers like to search the information and refer to other consumers’ experience before consuming. Obviously, we are affected by other consumers when we decide to consume a product or service.

Besides, the restaurants keep providing the updated promotion details to Many restaurants, especially the hotel restaurant, always offer the credit card discount or the e-coupon. They always offered the 70-90% off discount to the specific bank credit card holder. The credit card discount is always same as the e-coupon or more attractive than the e-coupon. For my convenience, I definitely use the credit card rather than the e-coupon which have to be printed by myself.

The credit card discount is really attractive for the credit card holder. Therefore, I keep an eye on Credit card always helps me save money for dining out. provides the credit card discount information to the consumers. is encouraging more credit card usage for dining out.

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Tinker Lai


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