FIVB World Grand Prix 2011

28 Aug

Just before the end of the summer vacation, I’ve been to Macau with my volleyball team members for two days. I have to say that it was a very worthwhile short trip!

 There were totally seventeen of us and we planned to visit there mainly for watching the FIVB World Grand Prix 2011, a women’s volleyball competition. Actually we have been to there for the same reason last year. This year, the World Grand Prix was moved to the new Macau East Asian Games Dome. It is approximately two times bigger than the old stadium, more or less the same size with the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Wan Chai of Hong Kong. One thing very interesting is that it is free seating, the earlier you arrive, the better seat you can get!

 And what so exciting was that we had ‘got’ free tickets to watch Japan VS Thailand which is not in our plan. We originally planned to watch one slot on the first day (Russia VS Brazil and Serbia VS USA) and one slot on the second day (Serbia VS Russia and USA VS Brazil), which one slot contains two matches. Our tickets are just half price only as Macau citizens can enjoy half price promotion discount for buying tickets. Our team captain asked her friend in Macau to help and thus we can all enjoy the 50% discount! As Japan VS Thailand was quite an attractive one, we arrived the dome early and checked if we were still able to buy tickets to watch. However, there was just one seat left. At the time we were about to leave, someone just overheard our conversation and gave us his tickets. He said he was just buying the tickets for watching China team, whose match was the first match of the same slot of Japan VS Thailand one. He gave us totally 5 free tickets! We thought it might be possible to have some other audiences that buying the tickets just for watching the China team. Just right before the match of Japan and Thailand started, we amazing gathered seventeen tickets for free! Therefore end up every one of us watched altogether 5 matches by just paying HK$200!

 In the first night we went to a Portuguese restaurant Cozinha Pinocchio in Taipa for dinner. We ordered two to four dishes of curry crab, prawn with garlic and salt, grilled squid, grilled sardines, codfish, veggie soup, few dishes of spaghetti and fried rice, Portuguese pig legs, grilled pork ribs and some veggie. The food that we ordered was not so Portugal. The food is not bad. Just that if I was in a Portuguese restaurant, I would expect to try some food with more Portuguese style! Anyway the dinner tasted not bad and most importantly, those thirty-something dishes were just $210 per head afterall!

Serena Fung (468 words)


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