shopping in Shenzhen

28 Aug

Summer vocation will be ended in next week. My job will be ended at the same time. I feel very happy because I follow my boss going to the three places. Last Friday , it was my last day. I and boss went to the Shenzhen for working. We finished our work in the afternoon. My mother was waiting for me in the Luobao in order to enjoy our shopping . My boss drove a car in the luobao and helped me to find my mother. I am going to go to the Shenzhen with my boss in many time, I get used to by the taxi or my boss car.

I know the Shenzhen have MTR. I want to try it. We are by MTR from the Luobao Station to Lao Jie Station. The Fare is only for $2 dollar. When we arrive the Lao Jie Station , I cannot control myself. I think that most of the clothes, shoes , food are very cheap than Hong Kong. I don’t care of the money spending in this moment. My mother says your working is so painful, you need to enjoy. Well, When I saw some goods which I am in favorite of it , I will buy it. I buy six clothes and three shoes by myself and three USB for my friend.

At the 7 o’clock , my mother and me are feeling very hungry. On the way, I discover that Café de Coral and maxims appear in China I am so surprised. But my mother says it was such a normal event. I don’t agree with her. Most of friend know that i love hi tea in the Café de Coral. When I finished shopping, I used to go to the Café de Coral as it is cheaper. Moreover I am always going to the Mong Kok since the goods is so cheaper than the admiralty or central . you may ask me , why I don’t shopping in the central because I think that it is a high class thing . I don’t like. Suddenly, I think that the lao jie is very similar to the woman street in the Hong Kong. the woman street have Café de Coral and maxims beside there are many shop and the goods is so cheaper.  The different between the woman street and lao jie, it is about prices. In the lao jie, the clothes have $ 30 dollar but you cannot find the prices below the $ 30 dollar in the Hong Kong

All in all , When I came back to hong kong by mtr , I am very regret it. Because I forgot one thing. The Hong Kong dollar and the Renminbi dollar were different because there is an exchange rate. The clothes are for $30 dollar in the lao jie, it means 40 dollar in the Hong Kong. I am so stupid. I already prepare the HK $1500 dollar for shopping. I have only $ 40 dollar in the wallet. I feel very unhappy. Because the price is cheat me. i think that I will not going to the Shenzhen. When you go to the Shenzhen, you need to be careful.

Word count: 517

Yu Ka Ying Karrie


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