The Silk Road

28 Aug

This summer I travelled Silk Road with my family as Silk Road gave me a sense of mystery. My understanding before going to Silk Road was inseparable from the history books, TV program and Kitaro’s music. In fact, it was just a hazy impression of Silk Road for me. Therefore, I had been always looking forward to going to Silk Road before I been to there.

The trip starts from Gansu province to Xinjiang province by a bus with 55 seaters . The distance is about 1900 Kilometers. The places we travelled like Urumqi, Turpan, Hami and Dunhuang, Jiuquan, Zhangye, Lanzhou are different of ethnic minorities.

Xinjiang’s capital is Urumqi. Urumqi in the language of Uighur means beautiful pasture. Some of those people still depend with animal husbandry. Many of them look like a European or Indian. In our trip, one of the attractions is Barkol prairie where is the China’ second largest prairie. The people who live there called Kazakh. They are still living on nomadic life in which the yurts are their home. The whole pasture is full of green grass in summer, and Sheep are grazing in the lush green pastures. The air is so fresh we can not breathe such air in city.

Going to Urumqi comes after enjoying with such magnificent natural scene. Urumqi is no longer a township but a hustle and bustle city with a lot of tall building and many cars. I heard by the guide that it is common the citizens who live in Urumqi have a car, so there is always traffic jam. As we knows, urbanization brings us air and water pollutions which worsen citizens’ living environment; a speed up the consumption of the earth natural resource.

Nevertheless, I am appreciated that the China government focuses on development of green energy. On the way we headed to Urumqi, I can see a place as big as Hong Kong full of wind generators. It is gorgeous.

However hard it is, travelling Silk Road is very worthy, because I can see the assimilation between multiple ethnic minorities and Hans in different place of the Silk Road; and the natural scene is very beautiful and magnificent that I have ever been to. I am told by a friend that the attractions of Silk Road in the past are better, as they are all commercialized, and some of the environment and heritages are damaged. In my opinion of balance between the urbanization and conservation, people have to lessen the pollution and cherish the heritage and nature.

Eddie, Chow Ho Chuen

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