“Trinity” – a flash of freshness

28 Aug

 I love listening music. Music is just like a part of my life. I usually spend more than 6 hours in listening music, it sounds a bit crazy, right? Wherever I am, my i-phone must stay beside me, which includes a song player inside. This assists me conveniently to have a close contact with music in anywhere and anytime. However, it’s the big merit of technological advancement. Without these devices, I may not be able to do my favorite thing freely.

  Music, indeed, divides into various types, such as pop, jazz, rap, rock, country, classical, etc. Moreover, music can be separated by different languages basically, likes, Cantonese, western, Korean, Japanese, etc. I am grown up with canton-pop songs. That’s why I am passionate to it wholeheartedly. Nonetheless, my friends always ask me a question, “Don’t you think canton-pop music is the worst music in the world? They are creative-less and all are karaoke songs. ” Well. It cannot deny that canton-pop music is less creative compared with western songs. In the explanation of music theory, most of the canton-pop songs are having a similar base and their formats are likely the same too. But, what I think is that are they really a problem? Because an amazing song is not just only focused on the melody, but also the lyrics, singer’s performing style, musical instruments, etc.

  Last 2 days, I have brought a CD which belongs to canton-pop jazz and the album names Trinity. All the songs in this album are sung by Bondy Chiu. She is a singer in Hong Kong in the 90s. It is surprised that Bondy Chiu is not so popular in the Hong Kong music industry after listening to her album. She performs really well no matter in the techniques of singing or styles; they are all so amazing and perfect. This can be entitled as Hi-Fi CD. What does Hi-Fi CD mean? It means a CD that is for listening by Hi-fi, which also symbolizes that the CD is in a high quality of sound as well as the singers performs zero mistakes.

  Bondy Chiu’s album, Trinity, can show the success of canton-pop music without any doubts as I consider. However, many people feel disappointed to it because they think canton-pop music are homogenized. And it comes out the theory of standardization. What they think of canton-pop music are standardized and believes that they are emerged continuously because of consumer needs. Therefore, the canton-pop music is no longer precious and has ruined the principle of art.

  In overall speaking, Bondy Chiu’s album is different and it cannot be considered as the standardized product as the one they deem. It is because it has no conspicuous characteristics of homogenized products in terms of the marketing of the album or the production of songs. So, I highly recommend this album to those who love listening music, even to those who don’t usually pay attention to canton-pop music.


Leung Winnie

Word counts: 487 words


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