Moleskine: The Legend of Notebook

10 Sep

How much you are willing to use for buying one notebook? Ten dollars, or twenty dollars? Maybe even fifty dollars? No, I am willing to use around one hundred dollars to buy Moleskine. Moleskine is a legendary brand notebook used by famous writers and artists like Chatwin and Picasso. However, what is the special? Why Moleskine?

Here are 5 good reasons to shell out your hard-earned dough on double-digit priced notebooks.

First, Moleskines are durable. With the semi-hard, vinyl covers, Moleskine notebooks stand up to the rigors of back pockets and overstuffed bags better than most other notebooks. Though there is a limit to how many times you can sit on your Moleskine before it permanently assumes the curve of your backside, it is generally quite easy to keep a Moleskine functioning for six months or longer. When the time is passed, you would read the notes again. Moleskine provides the durable notebook to we. We would not worry when the Moleskine will be disintegrated.

Second, Moleskines feel good. Moleskines just feel good to use. The paper takes ink nicely, and is a pleasant cream-color that’s easy on the eyes and lends a richness to your writing. The covers are smooth and just soft enough. All these things are important, if not purely essential — just like the heft of a good hammer is worth good money to a master carpenter who could build a bench just as easily with a cheaper one.

Third, Molekines come in many flavors. Everything is from differnet opening styles (Reporter, Fold-out), different layouts (Plain, City guides, Grided, Music, Calendars), and different kinds of paper (Watercolor, acid-free). You would choose the appropriate once for yourself.

Then, Moleskines are actually kind of affordable. Don’t forget that Moleskines come in all different styles, including specialized notebooks for sketching, watercolor painting, and other specialties. A small pad of watercolor paper can easily exceed the price of a decent-sized Moleskine Watercolor book! Moleskine’s storyboard pads and pocket accordions are virtually unique — I don’t even know where you’d find them if Moleskine didn’t make them.

Finally, Moleskines are book-bound. Because Moleskines are bound like books, they are easy to store on a bookshelf for easy reference, or to stack for storage. Plus the rigid covers give a strong support against which to write, no matter where you are.

Also, Moleskines have released the iPhone and iPad
app for their fans. The important thing is FREE. You can follow Molekines in digital form now (

Like any product, Moleskine or similar notebooks are not necessarily for everyone.

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Terry Chan


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