Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Review

13 Sep

Hollywood is like to film sequel movie in recent year. Such as the “Star Wars” series, “Lord of the Rings” series, “Harry Potter” series and “Kung Fu Panda “series. Such films usually have sequel five characteristics as follow: First, the entire film series use same group as the lead actors and described their life growing up story; Second, the entire film series with spectacle-style action scenes to be the selling points. The trailers are “sold” by the computer graphics and “create” special effects pictures. Furthermore, although the story has significant differences in the entire film series, the characterization of good and evil are very similar and completed the traditional moral principles that “what goes around, comes around”. In addition, because the entire film series is the United States Hollywood “product”, it will attach United States creator traditional family values which often focus on depicting family’s relatives and relationship. Finally, the entire film series are often reluctant to make the audience happy so movies very often arrange the public protagonist all is well until the happy ending.

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2” have performance the five Hollywood film sequel style. First, the three main characters Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione played from ten-year-old actor to now. They normally become more mature and stable in the process of young people development. And the filming life experience gave them accumulated more wealth experience of life. Combined with the special experience that live in the entertainment sphere such years, made them to be the audience focus in grew up in the drama and the off screen life. Second, this time also emphasized spectacle style action scenes such as Harry Potter and Voldemort’s ultimate battle of the special effects screen once again become the “selling point” of trailer. And the computer graphics, “manufacturing” fantasy picture, Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione through the different spaces “vision trip” type sences, the light color and sound in the film are attractive entry elements. Third, the entire film is still good and evil, “good and goodness, evil to evil,” Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione are adhered to correct occasional doubts and values in their growth life. Adhere the principle of decency is the must to win the evil. Finally, they defeat Voldemort and back to normal, happiness and joyful life. Fourth, although Harry Potter was grow in the “broken family”, he has been to the magic school and meet Ron and Hermione to establish a close “relationship to be brothers and sister”. This relationship has been continuity descries in this film, so it can be seen the traditional American family values and the emphasis of family relationship in “Harry Potter” films. Finally, no matter how Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione through much of the difficulties and setbacks, they are able to satisfactorily solve their own problems and successfully formed their new family. That’s mean “Harry Potter” Series still love the traditional happy ending and their children experience similar to their own childhood experiences. The process of preparing to enter the magic school is suggesting another new beginning.

[Word count 510] By Sunny Tang


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