Hong Kong famous street snack – Fish ball

13 Sep

According to an unofficial statistics, Hong Kong people have ate about 3.57 million fish balls every day. Eating fish balls on the street was begun in the 50-60 era. There were some noodle restaurants deep-fried the low price fish with flour in order to reduce costs. Unexpectedly, the fish balls were popular soon and become the famous street food in Hong Kong.

Fish Balls are common in Hong Kong now and it can be broadly separated into two categories. One is Hong Kong’s famous street food. This type of fish balls have deep-fried and it looks golden. It was made by cheaper fish meat and usually sticks by a bamboo with a five to six fish balls for sale. The price of snack stalls for each string of fish balls is about five to seven dollars or 1 dollar a ball. The price is depending on the location of snack stalls such as Mong kok is more expensive than Tai Po. There are some special snack stalls are only selling fish balls that like the hot dog stalls in the West.

Another fish balls category is larger, white and made by more expensive fish. The tastes and the eating feel are different of the street fish balls. Most of these fish balls are appeared in Chaozhou noodle restaurants and Chinese tea diner with the hot soup noodle to eat together. This fish balls noodle is priced around HK $ 10-25. In addition, this fish ball has sold in the wet market and supermarkets too. Hong Kong people like to use them for hot pot.

We will see many snack stalls that full of different cooked snacks in the shop at the Mong Kok street alley. There are many different kind of delicious food in the steaming. One of the most common and popular is curry fish balls. Curry fish balls is a kind of cooked snack that must appear in each snack stalls. I think we have no one haven’t tasted it before. The most important elements of a string really delicious fish balls are the taste of fish should fresh and the “Curry guts” of cooking fish balls should enough flavor. Curry fish ball is also separated that spicy and not spicy. Spicy fish balls are more deep color that is very easy to distinguish. If you want to taste more flavor in curry fish balls same time, you can add a little sweet jam to eating more sweet and spicy taste at the same time.

[Word count 412] By Sunny Tang


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