Kung Fu Panda 2 Review

13 Sep

“Kung Fu Panda” is imitated Jackie Chan’s years ago movie “Drunken Master” that narrating the training process of the protagonist Po. “Kung Fu Panda 2” is proceed to Jackie Chan’s movie “Who am I” that conducted the protagonist Po to find his self-history. Although Po is a panda, Hollywood animated film is tended to be people-oriented it and it also will be affected by life problems. For example, Po often wonder who he is when it traces his personal life in the film, and because of his unknown background that made him puzzled on the birth of self-definition and self-seeking. Also because of his “special” past made him doubt the significance of his own existence. Po cannot figure out where the stand point is for him in the complex society and how to make the interaction with the community to establish relationship. Therefore, it is very similar with the Jackie Chan’s mental state in movie “Who am I” that Po had caught in a confusion of the dilemma.

When Po face to face battle with Load Shen and in the critical moment, Po total absent-minded every time and remembered his past suddenly, then he loss into the “trance” state. It had this reaction not only because the Load Shen knows little about his life history, but also from his own unknown background and the inferiority complex derived from it. Po will think getting his born information is more important than killing enemies when he knows that Load Shen is connected with his parents. So Po is often in a dilemma state when facing Load Shen. For the well-being of people, kill Load Shen can solved all public problems from Shen. But to pay a heavy price that “never know his life background”. If he does not kill Load Shen, it will be harmful to public.

At the end although Po has a little born information of his own understanding, but his largest learning in the fighting with the Load Shen process, is he learnt how to adapt naturally and used the optimistic attitude face his life. Like Tai Chi Taoist core spirit – “Misfortune near blessing, blessing hiding from misfortune”. Thus, “follow the fate of the line” not only is Po’s mentality after the changes from his view of life, but also is the creative team of “Kung Fu Panda 2” wants to message to the audience.

[Word count 401] By Sunny Tang


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