20.30.40 – The delicate females’ heart

16 Sep

The film that I would like to discus is “20.30.40”, which is directed by Sylvia Chang. The name of the film was formed in three figures. It means that there are three different love stories of different age stage of women hidden behind. From 20-year-old to 40-year-old. The story has link up three different stories together in the same space-time and neighborhood. The main theme is talking about nowadays’ women how to discover themselves and finding what they need in the chase. The film also revealed the dream and love on females.

All of the three main characters need man. The older two want to find Mr. Right to take care them beside the younger one need a man to help her achieves her dream. Is it meaning that females are the slaves of the love?

In the film, the story of 20 is about a teenage girl called Qi, she loves singing very much when she facing the failure, Qi said “It doesn’t matter, we have time…” which means that teenage have time to waste, they want to try everything. If they have not tried, they will not give up. There is a dialogue saying that” Finding a partner is for future. When become older and older, there is a partner to accompany with you… ”which is the male character Jerry raised. It just hit the females’ heart. It is a very good setting of tell the truth of the female need through the male. Everyone knows that both male and female need is “Love” which can reduce loneliness. However, it is too difficult to find the perfect match.

It is questionable that even if a woman got married, it is not really represent they can found a man to rely on their whole life? This question was raise at the story of 30. Xiangxiang is a charming airhostess. She has a stable joy and lives by herself. However, her attractive can only fulfill her sexual need. Her life has only sex and no love. She feels lonely and unsafe; also strongly hope to get marriage with her Mr. Right. It is because she lives in a single parent family. Finally, she found her Mr. Right. He is a very normal people; he doesn’t have many money and very attractive outlook. He is the one Xiangxiang need, he loves and treasures Xiangxiang very much, and can give her love, safe and warm.

The director rebuilds the image of the divorced middle age women. It is mature, worldliness, tolerant and independent. No matter encountered any of the difficulty; new women should still continue to walk their road. Therefore, females are not “The slaves of the love”. They are all superwoman.

Chan yi, Cherry (448 words)


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