Narrative analysis of Exodus [2007]

16 Sep

Exodus is a film about the conflict of two sexes. By director Pang Ho Cheung.

A police officer Chim discovered a secret of women while he interviews Kwan who is a suspected offender of peeping in female toilet. The secret behind is about an organization created by female which plan to kill all the men. As female toilet can only be accessed by women, therefore, they exchange information there. That is why women spend more time in washroom. Chim starts to investigate the case but Kwan suddenly changes his statement to the incident and admits all the charges. Chim involves in the case and follows Kwan. Soon, Kwan is killed by that organization. Chim’s wife Cheung was the member of the organization in the past. When she discovers Chim hooks-up with Kwan’s wife, she connects back to the organization and kills Chim.

Chim as a police officer interviews him and discover the secret. The narrative begins. The curiosity of the viewer was aroused that we may expect Chim may find ‘something’ about the women organization or any other possibilities through out the whole film.

In the ending of Exodus, Chim’s wife Cheung reconnects to the organization after she discovers Chim’s disloyalty. And she kills him through the organization. By comparing to the opening, the stage of the incident is obviously come to a higher point. When come to the ending, the climax states a fixed or narrower outcome and they serve as to settle the causal issues in the film.

Contrasting the opening and the ending, the pattern of development of this film is goal-oriented plot. As shown in the film Exodus, the desired object is the secret of women or the secret behind the women organization. The main character Chim leads the development. By the end, in the memory of his wife Cheung, the secret of the organization is released as women think that all the hatred, anger and problems are created by men. Therefore, they try to kill all the men in order to have a more harmonious community. The goal is satisfied. The curiosity of the viewer will be eliminated. And the secret of the women organization stated in the opening is exposed. That the narrative developed from the opening has come to be understandable.

The relationship between story and plot is noticeable in this film. In the film Exodus, the death of two character Chim and Kwan and not shown in plot. In the scene that shows Kwan’s death, we cannot see the dead body of him or any signal directly show his death. However, what has been shown to us instead is the crying of his wife. We automatically refer her crying to Kwan and recognize his death. Another example is the death of Chim, only some diegetic elements are shown in the plot that Chim carries tea which prepared by his wife to his office every day, and Kwan’s saying of the invention of new drugs by the women organization. After the intake of the drug, people will keep on burping. After burping of 100 times, the people die. In the last scene, Chim burps for a few times, than, a black screen ends the film. We can easily associate it is the death of Chim. It is because we may think of his wife putting that drug into the tea to him on the basis that she wants to kill him of his disloyalty. However, we can never see the Chim dying before the screen. His death is not directly presented to us. That shows the distinction of the story and plot. We can still understand the narrative even some parts of it are not shown in the plot.

In the film Exodus, relationship is actively employed in it to present the narrative, which are the relationship between opening and ending as well as story and plot. These relationships constitute the narrative to an extent that the viewers understand it.

Chan yi, Cherry (656 words)


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